Project Manager Construction PSS & SIS

Job Details

Job Description


  • Deliver high quality stores according to brand store concepts.
  • Supervise the construction of partnership stores and sis.
  • Manage stores closures
  • Follow up the shop in shop roll out and the orders/administration for the partnership stores.

    In detail:

  • Coordinate construction works across all VF Brands in EMEA and all third-party installations, Develop and ensure completion of the construction quotations;
  • Recommend and manage all repair and maintenance expenditures,
  • Manage the department capital budget (managed space);
  • Supervise and monitor the budgetary expenditures during each store build-out;
  • Manage the store opening timeline and the weekly meetings with other departments;
  • Supervise the ordering and installation of all third party service provider (tiles, lights, etc),
  • Perform site visits,
  • Price check all invoices for the constructions projects.


  • Budget definition.

  • Establish Project timeline upon plan completion or client/ sales requests.

  • Coordinate partnership construction works across EMEA.

  • Coordinate all third-party installations and service providers with the partner and/ or Landlords (architects, fixtures, external signs, lighting, flooring, graphics, mannequins, transports).

  • Double check and approve construction quotations (including fixtures, external signs, lighting, flooring, graphics, and mannequins).

  • Supervise fixtures production process & installation.

  • Price check invoices

  • Manage capital budget (Managed space budget).

  • Site visits (fixtures installation, handover).

  • Daily update of construction documents (S: folder, roadmap, etc).

  • Make sure store openings respect KPIs & SLA (brand/ design standards, budget and timings).

  • Update store database.

  • Manage post opening/ maintenance requests.

  • Manage external project managers

  • Costs/ Data Analysis;


  • Manage the sis roll out

  • Approve fixtures quotations
  • Supervise fixtures ordering
  • Process invoices
  • Manage capital budget (Managed space budget)
  • Site visits
  • Update store database


  • Architect degree if possible, or Geometra
  • Able to read Autocad files
  • English Fluent – Italian: fluent
  • Any other EU language represents a plus
  • Microsoft office full package

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