Partnership Manager The North Face EMEA

Job Details

Drives TNF development in Partnership Stores by ensuring organic growth is delivered within existing stores by working with Retail Merchandise Dept to ensure commercial collections are presented and bought. Additionally works with TNF Retail Operations Dept. to adopt Retail systems and processes and ensures they are communicated and embedded in Partner companies and stores. Also responsible for assisting Country Teams to recruit new retail partners, ensuring correct location(s), mutual profitability and overall brand standards are achieved at all times.


Key Responsibilities
* Partners with the TNF Buying Dept to formulate and develop seasonal collections in terms of product selection/mix that will ensure a consistent presentation across all TNF retail channels
* Works with Planners to develop Retail Profile strategy for Partners. Additionally, ensures the strategy is communicated and implemented to ensure commercial collect ion
* Works with Country Managers and VF Property Dept to develop Market Place management. Assists the development of ongoing new store acquisitions and disposals
* Responsible for developing a seasonal sales (sellin and sellout) budgets for Partner stores that supports the continued VF and partner profitability
* Working with the Country Managers ensures that the GTM strategy & objectives are communicated and implemented in the seasonal selling campaigns for PSS
* Partners with local PSS co-ordinator team to ensure that the Partnership development strategy for both new store openings and sell-in growth is achieved. Also ensuring that brand standards are understood and maintained by partner organisations
* Overseas new store P+L introduction and ensures sign-off and Shop DB approval is managed with optimal efficiency among all stakeholders. Manages questions and concerns swiftly
* Ensures new site openings, fixture installation, and store refit s are completed on time and within the specifications as detailed by construction dept
* Assists country manager with Annual Business reviews with Strategic Key Partners to assisting business development. Also assists with Partner Seasonal Meetings to launch new seasons
* Working with the Operations team manages PSS communication. Including, but not limited to, bi-monthly Operation bulletins, store layout guidelines, standards, seasonal product updates
* Adopts and delivers seasonal Training Materials that ensure PSS store staff are fully updated on all seasonal product and brand developments
* Ensure Partners understand TNF objectives on the ‘customer experience’ and have implemented TNF guidelines on Customer Service
* Liaises with Product department to develop Retail Profiles and also feedback on sellout and market developments that may assist in future seasons development
* Maintains impeccable records of budget, orders, expenses, schedules and shop database
* Co-ordinates with the Marketing Department for all store openings information including new store openings information, adv material requirements and media notifications. Also coordinates the seasonal collation of windows programs


Internal: Operations team, District managers, Country Sales Directors /Managers and local PSS Coordinators, Finance Department, Marketing Department, Visual Merchandising Department and Property Department.

External: Key PSS Clients, General Contractor, Construction suppliers, Fixtures suppliers, Construction consultants, Architects, Partnership clients

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