XXII – January 19—21, 2016

The Bright tradeshow has established itself to a constant venue for streetwear, sneaker, fashion and boardsport in Europe. Driving force and link between the different elements is skateboarding, whose influences shaped decisively the image and authentic character of the different segments.

For a wide variety of brands Bright offers a product-related chance for presentation, its unique concept guarantees a maximum of image and identity. The individual location as well as the product-orientated framework, consisting of an innovative contest/artist program, support the characteristically atmosphere of the off-show. Skateboard culture and the relating side-events (artist shows & nightlife) are important features of the tradeshow; still the commercial aspect takes a primary position. With its concept the Bright tradeshow offers a very positive and comfortable atmosphere without neglecting the function as an interface between distribution and retail.

A special focus on cooperating with the media leads to a maximum of transparency and carries the positive vibes beyond the location of the former Stasi headquarters.

The unique concept of the whole event, a selected exhibitors portfolio as well as the supporting program and the intigration in the fashionweek of Berlin are indications for a Bright future.

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