Swap and Surf

Swap and Surf

Philippe Garms, aka Fifou, aka Big G - Doctor - father of a big household - grew up with skis on his feet - discovers the ocean and surfing after studying in the island of Réunion - "Since this revelation, among others, the ocean has become essential and has guided my life choices".

Sylvain Garms aka small g - Master in History, graphic and web designer, photograph - It's in California, in the heart of Los Angeles, that Sylvain got most of his training at the Venice breakwater. Back in France, he settled down in an area very close to the mountains and the ocean. Today, S&s allows him to combine both his passion and his work. 

As cousins, Small g and Big G have always been very close. They share a common passion for nature and all the game possibilities it has to offer.

The idea of Swap&surf was materialized slowly after a super positive experience of a house swap with a family of surfers in Jersey. That's when the idea of this site came up with the goal of helping surfers from around the world get in touch with each other. We want to make your dream surf trip within reach and more affordable, by giving you the opportunity to swap houses or host one another, within a community of surfers that shares similar traveling and surfing tastes and ideals.

As surfers, in love with the ocean and travel, we wanted for this site to be a trading space, for the surf trip to be more within reach but also more fulfilling by being immersed in someone else's life, culture and environment.



Sylvain Garms
co-founder, project developer
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Swap and Surf