Our specialised Sport & Lifestyle recruitment agency will allow you to target people giving some interest and working in this industry but also to target people from others environment able to bring you a real added value.

Our experience in Management job positions, in different brands, allow us to note by ourselves the specific needs you are facing today.

We will bring you our knowledge in this industry added to our professionalism in Human Resources.




Recruitment specialists and partners in the Sport & Lifestyle industry we intervene in the Human Resources field to help you composing teams adding value to your company.

Our approach consists of the following 6 steps:


  • Job Description and Profile Evaluation:

We define all the specific needs related to your environment.

We will identify with you various criteria to prepare a candidate profile.

  • Search Strategy and Sourcing:


We proceed by listing on our website ASPOM.COM but also by using advertisers and direct approach.

As such, we use your logo and we do a presentation of your company.

If you would like to maintain anonymity while seeking for candidates, it will belong to you to let us know.


  • Selection of Profiles:


We analyze data by searching for criteria in different candidate profile.

We arrange interviews for those who feet our search.

We organize Psychological test.


  • Presentation of Profiles:


We will present you successful candidates (between 3 and 5 ones) after we established a synthetic report.

 If you like, we will arrange for you the schedule for your interviews. 


  • Decision and Negotiation:


We will assist you to select the candidate and at your request we will be involved in negotiating the contract.


  • Job Integration:


Through an interview, we followed the integration of the candidate to verify the suitability of the person to the company, team and workplace.

Usually, this interview takes place before the end of the trial period.

We will contact you in order to set up an interview with the candidate.

If you think it is not necessary, you may let us know.


For more information or for an estimation please contact us.