Surfrider Foundation

An environmental NGO unique by its origins and its members

Surfrider Foundation Europe is a not-for-profit organization (1901 French law) “dedicated to defending, saving, improving and managing in a sustainable manner, the ocean, coastline, waves and the people who enjoy them”.

Originally surfers, but today an « Ocean Community » in Europe

The movement was started in Malibu (California) in 1984, initiated by surfers wanting to protect their spot from local pollution. Since then, Surfrider has become an international network of regional branches and local chapters, present on every continent (in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Africa, Latin America...).

Surfrider Europe was created in 1990 in Biarritz, France by 3-time World Surfing Champion Tom Curren. Surfrider Foundation Europe originally concentrated its efforts on coastal issues, however the organization has gradually extended its network and our environmental strategy now covers other water areas such as lakes and rivers.

Today, Surfrider brings together people from all walks of life with a common passion and dedication to the coastline: nautical sport practitioners, coastline residents, holiday- makers...

Operating locally and lobbying action at European level

Surfrider operates within a large network of 30 countries and gathers more than 1,000 volunteers, 5,000 members, about 40 local chapters and 15,000 sympathizers.

Thanks to a strong presence at the local level, more than 460,000 people are reached every year by our working programs and our educational and environmental tools.

Through Surfrider’s strong lobbying force, the voices of many can be heard at European and national levels in efforts to influence and change laws.

The defense and the sustainable management of the European coastline: research, protection and education.

Surfrider Europe is accredited by the French government as both an educational institution and an agency of environmental protection, and also recognized as training institution. Surfrider’s programs are dedicated to the enhancement and protection of the environment and to the education and awareness-raising of all ages.

The organization has gathered expertise in research, local action, and in the creation and distribution of educational tools.

Our environmental battles

Goal: To protect the environment, leisure activities and the health of ocean users

• The water quality of bathing/nautical sport areas and the users’ health

• Macro-waste on the beaches and at sea (waste and trash from human activity, floating near beaches or buried at sea, carried by marine currents or by rivers to the coastline)

• Pollution generated by maritime transport (priority given to hydrocarbons: fuel tanks emptying, oil spills...)

•  Coastline artificial changes in Europe and climate change

•  Coastal heritage


Our educational and awareness-raising programs

Goal: Influence people’s behavior towards sustainable living

At the heart of Surfrider’s environmental strategy are various educational programs, awareness-raising campaigns and tools to educate academics and the general public on eco-citizenship and sustainable development. Increasing public awareness about the hazards threatening our oceans, lakes and rivers, is essential to their preservation and accessibility.

•            Educational activities, exhibitions and tools

•            Sporting and cultural events, fairs...

•            Professional lectures and training


Help us keep the ocean clean!

No matter how you enjoy the coastline (sporting, bathing or walking), you have a place at Surfrider Foundation Europe:

•   By supporting our actions (when becoming a member)

•  By acting directly in your local environment (when becoming a volunteer)

Any commitment is appreciated and has an impact on our actions: for more information or any request, please contact us.


Surfrider Foundation Europe Headquarters
120, avenue de Verdun Villa Maro
64200 Biarritz - FRANCE
Phone +33 (0)5 59 23 54 99
Fax +33 (0)5 59 41 11 04

South Atlantic Office
Surfrider Foundation Europe EHSF
C/ Julián Gaiarre
44 48004 Bilbao - SPAIN
Phone + 34 693 566 136

Mediterranean Office
Surfrider Foundation Europe
Plage du Prophète Corniche Kennedy
Maison de la Mer
13007 Marseille - FRANCE
Phone +33 (0)4 91 22 71 26
 +33 (0)6 81 81 52 96

Toulouse and Midi-Pyrenees Office
Surfrider Foundation Europe
Etablissement Léo Lagrange
20 chemin du pigeonnier de la Cépière
31081 Toulouse - FRANCE
Phone +33(0)5 34 60 87 00

Bretagne Office
Surfrider Foundation Europe
4, rue Corot
29200 Brest - FRANCE
Phone +33 (0)6 25 24 75 25