Outdoor Sports Valley

Outdoor Sports Valley is the outdoor sports industry region which covers the sweep of the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck. Whilst this area is not in actuality a valley, the expression is used as a metonymy to represent the mountain outdoor sports and snow sports industry in general.
Annecy, with its 2018 Winter Olympics bid, its fantastic geographic location and its high density of Outdoor businesses is the natural capital of the Outdoor Sports Valley.

The Outdoor Sports Valley is defined by its economic activity, consequently its boundaries are imprecise and constantly evolving. Its name describes a region where tens of thousands are employed in the sport and leisure industry, where the head offices of most of the companies in the sector are located and, above all, there exists a unique outdoor playground.

The association’s objective are :

1/ To maintain and perpetuate the current economic activity in the sports industry by bringing new services to companies.
2/ To create different tools (reception, training, coaching) to improve economic performance.
3/ To encourage the creation of international events and promote expertise in the sports industry.
4/ To work in close collaboration and ensure a link with existing structures including CIM ¨mountain¨, EOG’’outdoor’’, FIFAS’’sport’’ and EuroSima ¨boardsports¨.
5/ To encourage sustainable development.