ISPO: Munich


Jan 24-27, 2016



ISPO – the leading international sports business network


ISPO is the leading international sports business network since 1970. Every year close to 2,000 international exhibitors come together in Munich to present their latest products to more than 60,000 visitors from 100+ countries. For the last 40 years ISPO winter has provided a comprehensive preview of the complete selection of sporting goods, athletic footwear and fashions, as well as the latest trends in all segments. Year after year the customized trade show concept featuring special communities and side events guarantee an exceptional and unique atmosphere. As ISPO listens very closely to the market’s atmosphere, the leading international sporting goods show provides manufactures and buyers exactly the place they need. The long-time professional appearance gives it its high credibility. To secure the future of this number-one positioned sporting goods platform ISPO always keeps modern, informative, motivating and professional and offer perfect, emotional services. The goal of ISPO is promoting and endorsing newcomers, as well as putting a spotlight on industry-relevant issues and creating media-ready exposure. Furthermore ISPO will focus on networking even stronger.


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