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Boardsports and Sports Industry

Main characteristics of the board-riding sports sector

Due to its natural advantages and the presence of the main surf and board-riding companies, the Basque coast has become the European reference for Boardsports and Biarritz its capital.

What this sector represents on the Atlantic coast:

- 3,000 jobs, with a turnover of 800 million euros
- the Basque Country is "Europe's Little California" to quote the American professionals
- more than 30 major brands set up in the area
- 13 major brands established on the coast : Billabong, Globe, Gotcha, Headworx, Hoff, Hurley, Ocean Pacific, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Reef, Ripcurl, Rusty, Salomon.
- leading companies in the publishing and communications field : ASR Europe, Extrême Vidéo, Kinkmag, Surf Europe Mag, Surf Session,
- major surfing events : Biarritz Surf Festival, O'Neill Surf Challenge, La Nuit du Surf, Quiksilver Pro France...
- made-to-measure training with the DESS Board-riding Sports university programme: unique in Europe

A cluster called "Eurosima" was created 4 years ago. More about the cluster

What significant advantages for other sports?

- Targeted sports : outdoor sports other than board-riding sports (water, air) and golf/ball sports
- Natural resources ; mountains, ocean and greatest concentration of golf courses in Europe
- Favourable environment
- Region with sporting and touristic image
- Presences of skills in design, distribution network management, etc.
- Golf Sports/Study section with the American Golf School
- Technological resource centres for technical design
- Developed medical environment


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