Lightning Bolt

Our history goes back to the beginning of the 70’s, when the short board revolution took place and the style of surf was being redefined... when there were no limits for the Hawaiian surfers. Among them, there was the mythic Gerry Lopez: his graceful and stylish way of surfing, even upon the harsher conditions, made him unforgettable. Nobody surfed Pipeline has he did. Together with Duke Boyd raised Lightning Bolt, in Hawaii, 1971.

Born in Hawaii in 1948, Gerry Lopez grew up surrounded by the surfers of Waikiki, started having surf lessons extremely demanding, and alternated with training on Ala Moana big waves. He started taking it seriously when he was in high-school and in the sixties he already built is own boards.

Gerry Lopez created and shaped surfboards with skill and innovation and he changed the whole way of surfing. With him, Pipeline became the most famous wave in the world, and today it is still considered the «Mecca of surfers». With the short board revolution, that dictated the transition from long boards to short boards, one was observing a period of constant evolution, which made the big boards, produced in big quantities, completely obsolete. This gave local shapers an excellent business opportunity.

“Hey, why don’t we open our own shop”? That’s how Gerry Lopez and Duke Boyd founded Lightning Bolt, in the summer of 1971, in Hawaii. Gerry Lopez coupled his talent as a shaper with his sea experience and created boards which became true cult objects, with unusual shapes and a natural waves’ slide, leading Lightning Bolt to prestige.

Since then, the bolt became the most popular brand image on surfboards, the first thing coming out of the huge tubes. Lightning Bolt is long established in different countries – Hawaii, Brazil, USA, Australia and Portugal. Twenty years after its arrival to Europe, the brand is now being worked within the major textile group – TMG and ready to reestablish the authentic Lightning power all over the world

Lightning Bolt