• DCA is a human value structure. accessible, creative and dynamic, which first of all prioritize the listening and the collective participation, in order to come up the best to the expectations of its customers: dedicated sales, dedicated productions Spain and Asia, project managers, designers and administration department.



Created in 1998, DCA is a communication agency specialized in the multimaterials POP (point-of-purchase) and fixture.

Equipped with a wide range of materials and with the better technologies. DCA offers single and productive creations which respect the constraints of price, of weight/volume, transport. and facility of installation.

By managing for you the design, the manufacture and the logistics. DCA carnes out any type of POP: Display units. Corners. Packagings, Publishing. Substrate, Fixture, Recalls of trademark. Shop window kits, Totems / Kakemonos, Animated material, Dummies etc...


Lines of business:

Perfumery, Cosmetic,  textile, lingerie, footwear industry, accessory, pharmacy, sport,

automobile, childcare, games, etc...


Sylvain Ferrandon - sylvaindcaplv.com

25, allée du Moura - 64200 Biarritz - France

Tél. : +33 (0)5 59 50 65 17 - Fax + 33 (0)5 59 50 65 18